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Best Tech Reviews | July 21, 2017

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Xiaomi Mi5 launch event and its timing |

Haroon Aejaz

The Xiaomi’s next flagship machine is set to be ultra-thin and also planning be unveile on 15 January 2015 . Perhaps this is a tremendous level of competition to OPPO straightaway in the middle east industry .

In case you don’t know about “Xiaomi” . The Xiaomi is under growing smart phone manufacturer company of smart phones . It is actually simply 4 years they created in their name in the list of world largest smart phone producing manufacturer on the planet by selling equipment at cost and also planning to retrieve profits by selling content on the forked version of Android it uses .

Since 2015 starts , a lot of plans to see the company enhance beyond the small amount of East Asian countries , it presently offers their smartphones in , however a development into modern western markets similar to the US together with United Kingdom is improbable this year .

However, for those in China , India and the other countries the mobile phones are available , the company is focused to unveil their flagship devices for 2015 at a media event on Thursday , 15 January . The occasion will take place in Beijing at 2pm local time on Thursday and here is timing for other countries

San Francisco – 10pm ( Wednesday )
New York – 1am
London – 6am
Paris – 7am
Amsterdam – 7am
Johannesburg –8am
Bangkok – 1pm
Beijing – 2pm
Hong Kong – 2pm
Seoul – 3pm
Sydney – 5pm

Stay tune here , we are trying to find out live streaming link for you


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