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Best Tech Reviews | July 26, 2017

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Haroon Aejaz

Review Overview

Heart Rate Monitoring
Bluetooth Sync
Sedentary Reminder
Remote Functions


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Here’s another product that asked me to share to my readers. The Ulefone GW01 is a round face smartwatch with heartrate sensor – but that’s not all. It also has a body temperature sensor!

I studied the specs on the website as well as the embedded YouTube video, and found that the user interface bears resemblance to the Haier G6 I reviewed a while back, apart from a few feature differences, like different watch faces, displaying of menu items in the likes of Samsung Gear S2, and additional functions like ECG, UV, body temperature. Comparing to the Haier G6, the Ulefone GW01 has a more conventional look of a watch, and the watch face display is completely round.

you can buy Ulefone GW01 Smart Watch from here

but before going to buy, read the short review.

Ulefone GW01 Smart Watch Performance

The UI of Ulefone Gw01 smart watch is unique and pretty amazing. The easy UI and transparent features makes it quite easy to use. The single button present on the side of the watch is used to access the application menu. The overall performance is quite good and stable.

Here is the list of features/specifications of Ulefone GW01 smart watch-

  1. Heart Rate Monitoring
    The smart watch has a heart rate sensor present on the back side of the dial which is used to monitor your heart rate. To check the correctness,heart rate monitor
  2. Pedometer
    A smart watch is called as smart watch because it helps you to stay fit. The pedometer helps you to record every step taken by you and display a report accordingly. You can now monitor your steps, calorie burn and much more with this smart watch.
  3. Bluetooth Sync
    You can connect your smart phone with Ulefone GW01 smart watch and all your call records, messages and updates will be synced. You can also make call using this smart watch after pairing it with your phone via bluetooth. You will get real time notifications and app notifications on the smart watch itself that will make your life a lot more easier.
  4. Sedentary Reminder
    I have already discussed about Sedentary Reminder in my previous
  5. Remote Functions
    The smart watch can also perform some remote functions like Remote Camera, Remote Music Player and you can have fun paying with all these functions


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