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Best Tech Reviews | June 24, 2017

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Suzuki GD110hu with Sporty Look |


Pak Suzuki is the one who is sensing the change and updating its current product with something which can compete with Honda Atlas CG125 dream in term of looks as well. Suzuki GD110hu is already having good market repute of having best quality among all the bikes here in Pakistan. SO this is the right time to make a move and they have brought it in sporty look. Giving some more features, like Self Start, Passing button on grip, Alloys, Better Headlamp hood etc.


Suzuki GD110hu standard was coming with straight up seat and the having retro round head light but now they are pushing the sporty look bike with better seat style and super fine quality of Head light Hood. Engine is very smooth and silent even at top speed. People have reported to be traveling on the bike from Karachi till Khunjrab China Pak Border. and they explained how much competitive GD110hu is. It never felt in whole tour that GD110hu got heat up and tired while running with Suzuki gs150.

The Suzuki GD110hu standard is currently priced around Rs: 108500 and the latest Sporty looks, Alloy rims bike with self start feature is priced around Rs: 122500.

Here are some changes which you can see in below mentioned pictures.

IMG_20141108_133916 IMG_20141108_133947 IMG_20141108_134145(1) IMG_20141108_134446 IMG_20141108_135042 IMG_20141108_135053



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