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Best Tech Reviews | June 28, 2017

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review |

Haroon Aejaz
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review

Review Overview

Reception and call quality
8.7 10 reviews Reception and call quality 8.0 Display
Battery life
Design and form factor


Metal frame adding to the body more texture, configure, upgrade the functions of different magnitudes are, maybe you think that all the changes are negligible, experience is also no real improvement, it must be admitted, Note 4 is by far the best Note series of products, but also the best Android phone one.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – The Smartest Mobile Gadget of 2015

As you all know that Samsung released its new flagship handset last week and that is Galaxy Note 4. According to sources Samsung Galaxy Note 3 sales exceeded to 10 million and Samsung still holds the market of Note 3 among the giant screen Android platform devices. and the second fact is over 38 million of sales recorded by the Samsung in Galaxy Note 1 and Note 2 domain.

Lets move towards the Review of another Giant Flagship of Samsung , and that is Galaxy Note 4.


As you know that there are huge criticism on the design and workmanship of Note series, but Apple also launches a large-screen iPhone so that Samsung truly felt the pressure, eventually we see, Note 4 in the tradition of the family, while the shape of the corners, details more carefully polished.

The most intuitive change is the use of a metal frame, frosted surface, an outer surface is a silver light Cutaway, this year’s most popular approach, and before it is applied to the GALAXY Alpha, and it seems really very fine grade and significantly enhance the texture, appearance, compared to The Samsung Note 3 less of simplicity, were more beautiful, but also even more tough.

Samsung galaxy note 4

At the same time due to a variety of interfaces, the key reason in a metal frame built-in, Note 4 details also bid farewell to the “dirty and messy,” the problem in the past, meet the basic standards of a high-end digital technology products.

Backplane anti leather still plastic material, wherein the undulating texture, greater, removed the car line, visually than Note 3 like a piece of leather, but in terms of feel, although being brought block more delicate texture, but still conceal the nature of the plastic, and no soft touch leather.

Display Screen (2560×1440 pixels)

2K screen (2560×1440 pixels) is Note 4 one of the main points of innovation, but also the pixel density is 5.7 inches screen 515ppi value soared to terror, but after excluding these figures, 2K screen, the actual visual experience will change is how much it?

With another 5.7 inches with a 1080p screen mobile phone comparison, in addition to differences in color and brightness, sharpness visually observed two screens, and sophistication is almost the same, that is to say, in spite of the theoretical 2K resolution screen higher, but for basically nothing much sense on the phone (even giant screen 5.7 inches), and higher power consumption will be a drag on the phone’s battery life.

Display Screen galaxy note 4

As for this Super AMOLED screen is the quality of their own have been mixed, the first of its high brightness, color, very gaudy, but the sun also has excellent visual effect, while there are both advantages and giant screen – – looks cool, but even though Samsung has said it has been improving color reproduction, but in fact, the Samsung Note 4 screen cast the problem remains serious.

16 Million Pixel Camera

Samsung Note 4 camera steadily upgraded, 16-megapixel main camera with F1 .8 large apertures, support OIS optical image stabilization feature, 3.7 million-pixel front camera joined the F1.9 aperture, 120 ° wide-angle shooting support.

The camera interface is very cool, flash, timer and other common functions transferred out convenient, and low usage of manual adjustment options can also be hidden within the three menus.


Rich and professional camera models, including ” Self Rear Camera “(The camera automatically recognizes faces and focus automatically take pictures when the focus is complete, the recognition rate is very high success rate to film),” selective focus “(first camera, after focusing ) and ” Self “(forefinger touching the back of the heart rate monitor to complete) experience particularly stick.

The image quality, the Samsung Note 4 showing absolute flagship style, the screen fully bright, crisp and clear, colorful, and a good grasp of the white balance; in light and shade combination of “high light than the” scene, showing higher light tolerance; details zoom vision proofs of 100% after the resolution of very good; high purity low-light pictures. In short, even if it is defined as the current best phone one camera too.

S Pen

As a finishing touch Note series, S Pen this for a lot of rest, of course, pumping pen pop-up “floating window command” when close to the screen and keys exhaled “floating window command” interactive mode does not change, change is “Floating window Instructions” integrated function reduced to four.

Smart memo, you can record important events or recent agency matters, and set the election to the main screen which plays the role of a reminder. In addition, smart memo can also identify a number or text you enter after the appropriate action given the option, for example, you write a set of phone numbers, after an intelligence memo identifies a direct phone call to the number.


Intelligent Multi-shot, you can manually block interception of multiple screens, interception suspended in the main screen image backup, support a variety of ways to share, collect.

Following Features finished, you may also feel, “floating window command” is actually the screenshot as a primary objective, and not as an auxiliary tool exists to allow normal operation more convenient, then I wonder how many users will use a variety of high-density frequency screenshot function? And when you pull out the S Pen every other operations, will be mandatory for pop-up “floating window command”, in fact, become more of a burden, no reason to add to the operating costs, it is not worth the candle. Future, Samsung may need to re-sort the “floating window command” direction and value.

Note each generation will bring a new style of interface, this year became the ubiquitous wallpaper gouache, lock screen background is very loud, the main interface Beijing is very fresh, although there are many elements of color, but overall than the Note 3 fresh a lot.
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Fingerprint identification

Note 4 joined the fingerprint identification and heart rate detection, both of which have their own space to play, fingerprint recognition for security unlock and mobile payments, heart rate detection auxiliary S health, but from the current situation, compared to the iPhone experience fingerprinting there is a big gap, to identify practical and heart rate lower frequency of use, Samsung ‘s future layout is still in “the reality is very skinny” embarrassing state.


Also Note 4 features many (and very much), but the experience down, I only feel more interesting only S Note, insert images, coupled with some handwritten text, your own DIY an interesting picture can tell a friend ” intentions exchange “to share.

To sum up:

Finally, return to the opening question, Note 4 whether to continue Trader giant screen machine market? From the current market situation, the former has a higher popularity of iPhone 6 Plus out of the way, after the price advantage of Mate 7 other products interception, we can predict that the basic will not reach the previous generations of products sold on the Note 4 height, and will be very sad in the coming days.

All this makes Galaxy Note4 not only the best mobile gadget of 2015 but also the best large screen device of 2015.



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