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Best Tech Reviews | July 22, 2017

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Prepaid SIM capacity of 100GB |

Haroon Aejaz

Pavo Communications is Malaysia’s mobile virtual network operators (MVNO) revealed that they are going to launch a pre-paid SIM card that contains the communication data of 100GB.

Pavo Communications is to expand the service a brand name as speakOUT, prepaid SIM card lineup of speakOUT Prepaid, MegaRia SIM, Tourist Prepaid, has prepared a speakOUT Base SIM.

Tourist Prepaid to be a pre-paid SIM card of these 訪馬 for travelers in the selling price of the package is 50 Malaysian Ringgit (about 1,400 yen), it is included data communication of 100GB.

Data communication of 100GB is the validity period has become 7 days from opening.

The person using the data communication over 400GB per day in Australia is a hot topic, 100GB will be said too sufficient 7 days if common use.

In addition, Pavo Communications services are using a network of Digi Telecommunications is a Malaysian mobile operator under the umbrella of Telenor of Norway (MNO).



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