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Best Tech Reviews | June 28, 2017

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OPPO N1 Mini – Complete Review

Haroon Aejaz
OPPO N1 Mini – Complete Review

OPPO launches its first flagship smartphone in Pakistan and that is “N1 Mini”. This is a not really acting as a mini smartphone – but if you know that the normal “N1 Oppo” a 6inch smartphone, then the Oppo acts “N1 Mini” with its 5inch screen. OPPO have recently entered in Pakistan’s smartphone competition with its lots of new features like revolving camera and very heavily customized Android operating system. So today we decided to review each feature of this awesome smartphone in detail


OPPO N1 mini design in the shape entirely consistent with N1, they have maintained a mellow style, corners and back are keeping this style. Since the camera can be rotated reason, the space reserved for N1 mini top of the screen is very large. Oppo mini design

In the top of the screen, N1 mini retains the rotating camera, front and rear cameras combined to solve the front camera quality is poor. And can be rotated at various angles, even if they do not look up to the sky to shoot, simply rotate the camera on it.

oppo mini design

The rotation of the camera design on the top of N1 mini, the power button is located on the left side of the OPPO N1 mini, volume control buttons and the SIM card slot is located on the right side, 3.5 mm headphone jack and Micro USB jack located at the bottom.


oppo cameraIt should be noted that the N1 mini support 4G networks, while N1 only supports 3G network, in this regard N1 mini still has improved.

oppo backside In the back of the handset, N1 mini did not inherit N1 touch back, I guess the reason is the technology is not yet mature and should lead, because I find a lot of software testing N1 does not support touch, and consumer awareness is also difficult to operate habits the direct transition from an operation screen for the operation of indirectly.


oppo screen

OPPO N1 mini control the size of the screen 5 inches, it is relatively easier to grip N1. But N1 mini’s screen resolution is also reduced to 720P level, but found N1 mini clarity is quite good in my days of use. The greatest benefit is to reduce the screen resolution to reduce the pressure of life, so that the phone has a longer standby time, this is a more affordable place.


oppo OS

Starting from OPPO N1, OPPO products began preloaded ColorOS, and now mainstream flat style is different, ColorOS respected and insist on using materialized style. OPPO N1 mini provided a gesture feature, such as painting O can open the camera, painting V can open flashlight, while support for custom gestures, you can choose according to their own preferences to what gestures to open applications. OPPO built for N1 mini car mode, you can control the phone through the small European voice assistant, phone calls, check the weather and so alone. Meanwhile car mode can also be associated with navigation software, the user can customize the navigation software to associate favorite car model, if you want to temporarily replace other navigation software, then simply set the car mode where you can choose.


Since the mini version of sake, N1 mini processor reduced from N1 snapdragon, 600 to 400, with most currently supports thousands of 4G mobile phone with a processor, by After Ann Bunny test, N1 mini score of 20,393, the performance in general. But the actual experience of the author in the process, N1 mini during operation is very smooth, snapdragon, 400 processor has to meet its actual needs, but if you want to play the big game, it is little difficult


Although N1 mini shrink the screen size, processor, but camera change, 13 million-pixel camera stacked with f / 2.0 large aperture, and the camera can be rotated 260 degrees, shoot more freely. By photo proofs of view, N1 mini white balance more accurate color reproduction is also in place, while shooting can bring some effect, but the picture tolerance performance is also good.


While we did not get enough time to test the N1 Mini’s battery life, a 2140mAh battery in a smartphone powered by a Snapdragon 400 with an HD screen should work out to be good enough.


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