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Best Tech Reviews | June 28, 2017

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Nokia Lumia 530 Review |

Haroon Aejaz
Nokia Lumia 530 Review

The Nokia Lumia 530 is the lowest-price Windows Phone, that finally launched in Pakistan. We Pakistanis waiting for it because of this is first Lumia Windows Phone with lowest price.

Today we are going to review Nokia Lumia 530 just to evaluate some goods and bad of this new Lumia device. As with any Nokia phone, you get a reasonable base level of design and build here.

Design moderation / Focus practical

Started Lumia 530, it feels exceptionally small, equipped with a 4-inch screen, yet the head with the iPhone 4s at the same level of control, with one hand to grasp fully without any problems, but it also brings back rounded corners very comfortable grip sense, it is no exaggeration to say that, Lumia 530 is probably the best single-handed operability phone one.

Here they have to mention, Lumia 530 is based on rounded design, although more care the touch, but not as good as the Lumia 520.


By convention, Lumia 530 provides a gray, white, green, orange four color versions, are processed through the frosted polycarbonate, anti-wrestling, stain index is high, close to the low-end user demands – and practical.

lumia 530

Details, buttons and various interfaces handled well, at least not as rough with the price of the product, with the exception of the microphone design was too casual, directly on the screen panel to play up a notch, do not look at it carefully, the old thought it was Screen knock bad.

With the majority of Nokia’s low-end products, the shell can be removed, support the replacement of the battery (1430mAh). Lumia 530 supports dual card dual standby, compatible with WCDMA and GSM networks.

lumia 530lumia 530


Screen slightly upgraded from 800×480 to 854×480 pixels improve sense of little 4-inch screen pixel density of doing 233ppi, far below the mainstream level.

lumia 530

At first glance, the color performance of the screen is good, but a comparison with the high-end models, you will find a lot of problems, such as low saturation, color cast, resolution is poor, color gamut and narrow, reflecting the naked eye, the performance of the screen pan White, lighter in color, with color inconsistencies, feel gorgeous effect.


Previously Lumia 520 on account of the lack of front camera and flash and criticized by users, Lumia 530 also made the same mistake, only the configuration of a 5 million pixel camera, which means it will completely lose self-timer and night shooting two functions.

lumia 530

The camera interface is simple, functional, only the foundation of ISO, white balance, exposure value of other options. In addition, Lumia 530 does not support manual focus, the interface does not show the focus, and the system auto focus speed and accuracy are poor, especially in the vicinity when shooting still life, basically not on coke.

Imaging slightly lower level, under normal light picture noise more obvious, the color is very dull and out with great colors, looks very pale, very easy virtual focus.

lumia 530

When shooting cloudy, some water vapor in the air will affect the image quality to some extent, but even with the weather, or the camera can be seen that a lower tolerance to light, and the details of the problem of poor resolution of the distance property The fonts and windows are somewhat vague, the noise problem is even more pronounced.


Microsoft to join the latest Lumia 530 WP8.1 system. In the previous Lumia models, we have had many reports, most intuitive change is more humane, more fixed system, ease of use, although compared to Android and iOS still lags far behind, but at least it has been improved.

Windows Phone 8 has always been the lack of global notifications center has been criticized, WP8.1 finally brought a new drop-down notification center for us, including the user can view the messages, micro letter unread messages, telephone and other instant messaging generated and available on Wi-Fi, airplane mode, Bluetooth, GPS and other functions quick setup.

For those who prefer personalized friends, the Windows Phone 8 .1 finally changed the long-standing old-fashioned look, first introduced in the “Start” screen DIY, it means you can customize your desktop wallpaper, and set the wallpaper, the Dynamic magnetic stickers will become transparent. In addition, users can also change the size of the dynamic magnetic stickers, arrange the location and number of the main screen columns.

Microsoft WP8.1 joined the Cortana voice assistant, they observed through the user’s contacts, mail, calendar, and other personal information in order to perform the required operations, while also trying to integrate third-party applications and services, such as Skype, Hulu Plus and Facebook. (Currently equipped with Cortana’s WP8.1 GDR1 official version of the system has not been pushed, so Lumia 530 being unable to experience.


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