iPhone 8 Plus beats iPhone X in Sale – Consumer Reports

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According to Consumer Report, “iPhone 8 Plus” has beaten “iPhone X” in terms of sales. Despite its revolutionary appearance and advanced functionality, people like iPhone 8 Plus more. We all know that iPhone X has a dozen of good features but still people like “iPhone 8 Plus”

Reason for Drop in Sale of iPhone

  • First Drawback

We diagnosed that the major drawback is the material of the phone. As we all know so many people post the videos of DROP Test of-of iPhone on youtube. These video show you that from the height of 80CM iPhone X screen breaks, whereas iPhone 8 and 8 Plus in the same test proved to be much better, having got rid only a pair of burrs on an aluminum frame.

Problems in the working capacity of the display modules were not observed at all. It is possible that in this case its role was played by the use of an IPS-matrix producer, which turned out to be more resistant to damage than the organic analog.

  • Second Drawback

    The other reason is the backup time. during another testing, the robot made calls, went online and photographed using a smartphone at the maximum brightness level and with active GPS. As a result, iPhone 8 Plus worked 21 hours, while the iPhone X – an hour and a half less.

    If the difference in battery life seems to be not important to you, and drop test does not affect in your case, then do some reacher before buying the iPhone x because the changed interface of the model before buying a novelty.

    Because of the missing “Home” key, Apple had to rework the management method of the smartphone, adding several new gestures to the system.

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