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Best Tech Reviews | July 22, 2017

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HTC ONE X9 Review - A “RELIABLE”METALLIC smartphone |

Haroon Aejaz
HTC ONE X9 Review – A “RELIABLE”METALLIC smartphone

At the end of 2015 when HTC has released a smartphone, to be honest for a mobile phone manufacturer issued a mobile phone is nothing new, but this kind of mobile phone for users familiar with HTC, is really quite fresh. In recent years, we have formed such an HTC general impression, the only flagship machine has a metal body, several layers of chin to be as the insistence. And such impression is so easily broken by HTC one X9 at the end of 2015. This is a metal fuselage HTC model with midrange price; at the same time, this is also a HTC model to say goodbye with multi-layer and return to a product with physical keys.


For HTC One X9 this phone, HTC website is defined as “reliable”. To be honest, I also see HTC has such a ground evaluation of their products for the first time. HTC One X9 by the spectrum is officially classified as several points, such as technology, experience, electric power, life, display, voice, filming, safety, service and so on and so on. HTC summarized this kind of mobile phone as many as nine reliable points, and the first one is the “process”.


5.5 inch 1080p screen HTC One X9


HTC middle price level also use metallic body

In the past metal body was used only in the flagship HTC phones, but this time the HTC One X9 really is a new attempt. RMB2399 of the middle level price also with an integrated metal fuselage, this is really improved a lot for the quality of the overall mobile phone.

HTC officials say such a uni- metal body requires 300 hours, after more than 50 process steps to complete, it is much more difficult than completing the joining together metal body in a few minutes or even a few seconds. About hand feeling, HTC One X9 feels fine, and not too smooth. Body frame is through polishing processing, button slightly protuberant, also add a special pit grain processing for the power button, it can make a good distinction through the fingers on the keys.


HTC One X9(double 4G)

Screen size 5.5 inch
Screen resolution 1920×1080 pixel
Network Type Double 4G
Operation system Android OS 5.0
User interface HTC China Sense
The core number True eight nuclear
CPU type MediaTek Helio X10
The processor digits 64 digits
RAM capacity 3GB
ROM capacity 32GB
Saving card MicroSD card
Expand capacity 2TB
Battery capacity 3000mAh
Camera type Double camera(front and back)
The rear camera 13 million pixels
Front facing camera 50 million pixels
The flash LED fill light(double color temperature)
The aperture f/2.0

Speaking of experience and system, sound and so on, the following is to talk about something inside HTC One X9. As same as the other HTC’s phone recently published, HTC One X9 also picked up China sense specially developed for China mainland market, based on the Android 5.0 system. HTC Sense home page is a 4 x 2 widgets put on the desktop, which is divided into work, family, go out three scenarios, automatically switching among the three scenarios according to the GPS.


China Sense the main interface and unlock interface

User can set the address of residence and workplace, convenient for mobile phone automatically switching scenarios in the spot. For example, if I often use evernote in the company, so HTC will keep that in mind, and will display evernote in the Sense of home page in the work scenario.


After open all application, screen will be displayed the secondary menu

By the way, HTC phones currently allows users to choose whether to open the application screen. In simple terms, after closing the application screen, all ICONS are arranged in the main interface; and after open the application screen, application ICONS are arranged in a separate secondary page.


Cooperation with a third party, software experience very practical

Besides China Sense also has some practical cooperation with a third party, such as the yellow pages in the mobile phone address book function, sweep code function in the camera, and more detailed domestic weather information. Generally speaking, mobile pre-installed app will only simply display temperature change in the weather, but China Sense also includes the sunrise, sunset time, P2.5 index and visibility. Especially the last two, really meets domestic users’ needs at present.


Equipped with dolby sound, can choose theater mode


select type of headphones after insert the headphone

Of course, HTC One X9 has a good performance on voice. This phone also adopted the HTC front iconic dual chamber, and at the same time also can bring better auditory experience for the user through dolby sound. When the user use the phone’s speaker, can switch between theater model and music; when the headset insert, the user can also choose the type of headphones, and optimizing for the headphones.

Security aid to both security and set up management

Can be set up for application permissions one by one

Finally we’ll say something about HTC One X9 security and save electricity properties, it is also the other two “reliable” points of HTC One X9. And specific speaking, these two features are based on HTC One X9 pre-loaded HTC security aids.

Intelligent power saving function enhance life of mobil phone

Similarly, HTC One X9 long-lasting power saving technology is also integrated in here, which is One of the intelligent power saving function. HTC One X9 equipped with a 3000mah battery, supporting the fast charging, and power saving function can analyze the application of power consumption behavior in the clouds, through the management of the application behavior to avoid power loss. Of course, the user can also set some applications to “never sleep” according to their needs.

A China Sense is actually embodied the HTC One X9 many characteristics, such as solid experience, system, voice, security, and save electricity. In fact, generally speaking, HTC China Sense experience is really good, its function is very nuanced, and really in depth localization according to the mainland market

Below to continue to look at the camera, HTC One X9 equipped with 13 million pixel OIS optical image stabilization camera, like the HTC previous models to ensure the stable light, and can be detected fuselage in a moment of about 0.125 millisecond and adjust the lens. Beside the camera, equipped with double color temperature flash light, the lens itself has no bumps, and no damage on oneness of the back of the back body.

HTC One X9 130 million pixel camera, double color temperature flash

HTC One X9 A variety of photo mode, new Raw camera

HTC One X9 camera function is familiar to everyone, including self-time, take pictures, panoramic and front mentioned sweep code function, at the same time, users can also download additional autodyne puzzles, the background blur and the pictures of the two-way function, which is furtherly enrich the HTC One X9 photo experience.
Raw camera is a new photo mode of HTC models, but it is now gradually formed a trend in intelligent mobile phone camera. Whenever the mobile phone pictures show how good, users would hope to have enough space for post-processing. In the format of the photo images for correction, there will be not so much mass loss like the ordinary JPEG images when adjusting the size, so raw format is for advanced users who like PS.


Picture mode is basic half manual, there are a lot of fine items can be adjusted

Smile can be automatically capture, rear lens also supports 10 levels of skin care
HTC One X9 camera function is also not simple automation mode, there are pictures details such as mode, ISO, white balance adjustment, can be half manually. If you are a photo advanced user, you can try to debug these options. Also includes the contrast, saturation, acoustic shooting, smile capture function can be checked in the Settings menu for final image. 10 levels is not only applied to the front-facing camera, is also applied to the rear camera, so if you want to use HTC One X9 to take pictures for your friend, they will be taken beautifully.
Let us see some photos taken by HTC One X9, automatic press the shutter under ordinary photo mode, this is basic effect what most people can be conveniently taken out. Following samples include outdoor, indoor, macro effects of common mode, as well as taken effect under the blur background.


HTC One X9 blur background sample (Green plant blur degree is more obvious than ordinary mode)
The color of HTC One X9 is the type of more lovable, whole color looks very clean when outdoor light is full, indoor environment color is also warm, some sweet feeling. In addition, whether indoor or outdoor, details performance are also good. Photos, also need not too deliberately maintained steady, because of the optical image stabilization technology, so the slight shaking when pressing the shutter doesn’t cause much impact to the final image.
When ordinary macro photographs taken, we’ve been able to see the HTC One X9 background appeared certain blur effect, as a smartphone, it is still good. Once we started the background blur model, background blur effect becomes more obvious. For the users like artistic atmosphere by background, after get the phone, can download a background blur mode.
The end of the article, we continue to look at the hardware part, HTC One X9 is equipped with a 5.5 inch 1080p display, MediaTek Helio X10 64 8 core processors, with 3gb of RAM and 32gb ROM. On the whole, it is a mainstream performance level product. In the process of evaluating the operation experience, mobile phone is smooth, no stuck or overheating phenomenon, in terms of its price, which has such an experience is good.


CPU-Z inspected product information
AnTuTu now upgraded to version 6.0, in this version AnTuTu revise on the interface, and streamline the function. Test projects mainly for 3D, RAM, CPU and UX these four tests, making 3D performance testing in the first of four tests, the proportion of UX test is also improved than before, and add the new CPU test to improve the proportion of mononuclear test. Of course, new tests also mean the new algorithm, so we don’t use this version of the AnTuTu runs points and compared with previous versions, because there is no comparison meaning.

AnTuTu Test result 53784
3DMark is originally in the PC platform to launch a Futuremark company specialized in measuring the performance of graphics software, set up a test image of benchmarking in the enthusiasts. In February 2013, a new generation of 3DMark in addition to the traditional Windows platform, adding the Android, iOS and Windows RT three mobile platform version, implements the cross-platform comparison test.

3DMark Test Result
Android and iOS version 3DMark test graphics processing power of equipment through IceStorm and IceStorm Extreme two load scenario , each scene test GPU graphics capability through the two paragraphs animation, and an animation to detect physical rendering ability of CPU, GPU overall graphics test accounts for a larger proportion.

HTC Golden Goblet enjoy services also “reliable”
In addition to hardware we’ll talk about how “reliable” of HTC One X9 in after-sales service. HTC’s golden goblet service is also reflected in the HTC One X9 this model, not only has the exclusive VIP gold goblet service hotline and the original factory warranty, can also choose a free maintenance for once of the broken screen or into liquid or charging mouth damage, replacement parts will also be able to enjoy after three months warranty. For users, this is probably the most thoughtful service with “reliable” characteristic.




HTC One X9(double 4G)

basic parameter ·         Exposure date December 2015

·         Phone Type 4G phone,3G phone, smart phone, tablet phone, camera phone


screen Type capacitance screen, touch screen, multi-touch

Home screen size 5.5 inches

·         Home screen material TFT material (IPS)

The home screen resolution 1920 x1080 pixels

Screen pixel density of 401ppi

Corning gorilla glass screen technology

narrow bezel 3.71 mm

screen accounted for 71.39%

·         other parameters of the 2.5 D glass screen


Network ·         double 4G

·         4G network mobil TD-LTE,unicom TD-LTE,unicom FDD-LTE

·         3G network mobil 3G(TD-SCDMA),unicom 3G(WCDMA),unicom 2G/mobil 2G(GSM)

·         Support band 2G:GSM 850/900/1800/1900
3G:WCDMA 850/900/1900/2100
3G:TD-SCDMA 1900/2000
4G: TD-LTE B38/39/40/41
4G:FDD-LTE B1/3/5/7/8/28

·         WLAN function WIFI,IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac

·         Navigation GPS navigation,GLONASS navigation,Beidou navigation

·         connection and sharing, bluetooth 4.1


Hardware ·         operation system Android OS 5.0

·         user interface HTC Sense 7.0

·         core true eight cores

·         CPU Type Helio X10(MT6795)

·         CPU frequency 2.2GHz

·         processor digits 64

·         RAM capacity 3GB

·         ROM capacity 32GB

·         Storage card Micro SD card

·         Expand Capacity 2TB

·         Battery capacity 3000mAh

·         theory talk time 900minutes(3G)

other hardware parameters support quick charge
About 10 hours of high-definition video

About 40 hours of music playback


Camera Camera built-in

Camera type dual cameras (front and back)

The rear camera 13 million pixels

Front-facing camera 5 million pixels

Sensor types back illuminated CMOS (ii)

Fill flash LED light (double color temperature)

Aperture f / 2.0

Video shoot 1080 p (1920 x 1080, 30 frames per second) video recording

Camera, optical image stabilization, af, RAW original Painting photography, front cameras smart skin care


Appearance  Design for straight shape

Gray colors, silver

Mobile phone size 153.9 x75.9 x7.99 mm

Phone weight 170 g

Airframe material metal fuselage

Operation type touch buttons

Light sensors, sensor type, distance sensor, G sensor, magnetic sensor, gyroscope, electronic compass

The fuselage interface 3.5 mm headphone jack, Micro USB data interface v2.0

Other hidden Boom Sound speaker appearance parameters


Service and support

Audio support for AAC/AMR/OGG/ : M4A/MID/MP3/ WAV/WLA/FLAC/AC3 / ec2 / EAC3 format Video support 3gp / 3 g2 / MP4 / WMV/AVI/MKV format Picture support JPEG/PNG/GIF, BMP format, etc

Multimedia technology, HTC BoomSound double front stereo speakers

Stopwatch, commonly used functions, calculators, electronic dictionaries, memo, calendar, notepad

Flight mode, a business function




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