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Best Tech Reviews | January 20, 2017

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Firmware List | Best Tech Reviews

Here is the live firmware list of Samsung smatphones which keep you update about which latest firmware released or still to release. The purpose of this page, that visitor can see real time firmware releases. We will give complete detail about the firmware and the guide of how to update firmware of android phone and don’t for get to visit ROM List and Root List pages

Device Name Model Region PDA OS version
SM-G532GSM-G532GBRITaiwan G532GDXU1APL56.0.1
SM-A300MSM-A300MPVTN/a A300MUBS1BPL15.0.2
SM-T287SM-T287TURTurkey T287XXU0AQA15.1.1
Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 (WiFi)SM-T330COON/a T330XXS1BPL35.1.1
Galaxy Ace Nxt (Dual Sim)SM-G313HBTCLibya G313HXXS0APL14.4.2
Galaxy J1 Mini Prime (SM-J106B)SM-J106BJDIJamaica J106BUBU0APL36.0.1
Galaxy A3 (SM-A300FU)SM-A300FUPANHungary (telenor) A300FUXXS1CPL16.0.1
Galaxy Z2SM-Z200FINSIndia Z200FDDU0BQA22.4.0.6
Galaxy J1 Mini Prime (SM-J106B)SM-J106BPNGPapua new guinea J106BUBU0APL46.0.1
Galaxy Ace 4 (SM-G357FZ)SM-G357FZKSASaudi arabia G357FZXXS1AQA14.4.4
SM-G610MSM-G610MPCWPanama G610MUBU1APL26.0.1
Galaxy Tab PRO 12.2 (WiFi)SM-T900XACCanada T900UESBPL15.1.1
Galaxy J2 Prime (SM-G532F)SM-G532FSERRussia G532FXXU1AQA16.0.1
SM-J320W8SM-J320W8MTAN/a J320W8VLU2AQA16.0.1
Galaxy Tab S2 VE 9.7 WiFiSM-T813XEFFrance T813XXU2APK66.0.1
Galaxy Note PRO 12.2 (WiFi)SM-P900XACCanada P900UES1CPL15.0.2
Galaxy Note 3 (Verizon)SM-N900VVZWVerizon wireless N900VVRSEPL15.0
Galaxy J1 Ace (SM-J111M)SM-J111MCTUN/a J111MUBU0APLB5.1.1
Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 (WiFi)SM-T530TCEMexico T530XXS1BPL35.0.2
Galaxy Tab 3 Lite VE (SM-T113)SM-T113DBTGermany T113XXU0AQA14.4.4
Galaxy A5 (SM-A500Y)SM-A500YICEN/a A500YDVU1CPK16.0.1
SM-J200MSM-J200MBVON/a J200MUBU2APL15.1.1
Galaxy J1 (SM-J100H)SM-J100HXECSpain (movistar) J100HXCU0APL14.4.4
SM-J120FSM-J120FPAKPakistan (pak) J120FXXU1APK25.1.1
Galaxy A9 PROSM-A910FXIDN/a A910FXXU1AQA16.0.1
SM-G9250SM-G9250TGYHong kong G9250ZTU2DPL26.0.1
SM-G930USM-G930UBSTBoost mobile G930UUEU4APL26.0.1
SM-N915GSM-N915GBRITaiwan N915GZTU1DPL16.0.1
Galaxy J5 (SM-J500FN)SM-J500FNVDHHungary (vodafone) J500FNXXU1BPL26.0.1
SM-T713SM-T713XACCanada T713XXU2APK66.0.1
Galaxy A3 2017 (SM-A320F)SM-A320FLYSN/a A320FXXU1APLD6.0.1
Galaxy S5 (Exynos Octa)SM-G900HTUNTunisia G900HXXU1CPL46.0.1
Galaxy J5 2016 (SM-J510FN)SM-J510FNPHESpain J510FNXXU2APL46.0.1
SM-T331SM-T331ZTOBrazil T331XXS1BPL55.1.1
Galaxy Grand Prime (SM-G530F)SM-G530FXSGUnited arab emirates G530FXXS1APL15.0.2
SM-J710MNSM-J710MNPCTPuerto rico J710MNUBU1APL16.0.1
SM-T285YDSM-T285YDNPLNepal T285YDDDU0APL25.1.1
Galaxy A5 2016 (SM-A510F)SM-A510FVODUnited kingdom (vodafone) A510FXXU3BPL16.0.1
Galaxy Tab A 7.0 LTE 2016 (SM-T285)SM-T285DBTGermany T285XXU0APL75.1.1
Galaxy Core Prime (SM-G360F)SM-G360FVDIIreland (vodafone) G360FXXS1BPL35.0.2
Galaxy Core Prime (SM-G361H)SM-G361HXXVVietnam G361HXXU0APK35.1.1
Galaxy Z2SM-Z200FINSIndia Z200FDDU0BPL22.4.0.6
Samsung Z1SM-Z130HINSIndia Z130HDDU0CPI12.4.0.3
Galaxy S7SM-G930FTELAustralia (telstra) G930FXXU1BPL36.0.1
Galaxy S7SM-G930FXSAAustralia G930FXXU1BPLB6.0.1
Galaxy Note 5 (SM-N920C)SM-N920CCAMN/a N920CXXS3BPL76.0.1
Galaxy J1 Mini 3G (SM-J105B)SM-J105BCOBColombia (movistar) J105BUBU0APL25.1.1
Galaxy S5 MiniSM-G800FMATMorocco (mat) G800FXXU1CPK56.0.1


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