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Jazz Launches Exclusive Golden Number Auction

Jazz, Pakistan’s number one Telco, is set to provide its subscribers a distinct opportunity to buy golden numbers of their choice. The first of its kind initiative called the ‘Jazz Golden Number Auction‘, will enable users to logon to and place bids for premium numbers.

Bidders can easily enroll themselves through the online portal by punching in their e-mail, name, CNIC number, mobile number and define the method of payment, for which JazzCash services can also be availed.

Umer Afzal, Head of Pricing and Segments for Jazz said, “We are incessantly striving to create new realms that can assist in providing our customers with the premium care they deserve. For fans of Jazz, a golden number has always been a matter of pride, and we hope that through this auction they can grab their desired combination of digits within a few clicks.”

An entry fee of PKR 1000 has to be paid for successful registration as a bidder. Once the user has entered the auction, they can choose from a wide array of Jazz Golden Numbers and place their bids with the highest bid entitled to win. The auction status can be checked regularly on the portal and upon winning an auction, the winner will receive a unique surprise Jazz gift box along with the Golden Number SIM card.

Jazz looks to stay ahead of its game to create a distinct portfolio for its subscribers, through the help of similar exclusive products and distinct features.

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Start your journey in style for free with TPL Maps

Finally bought your much awaited Corolla Altis Grande 1.8L? Thanks to TPL Maps, You can now get the most out of your new purchase without paying a penny! In addition to mapping services, TPL Maps’ flagship offering includes in-dash navigation hardware and software which is a state of the art advanced system equipped with the latest technology tailored for the region to make navigation accurate, faster and on-point!

According to telematics specialists, high-definition maps in navigation software are the foundation for all future driving experiences. Knowing exactly where the car is and where its heading and having accurate road information is what enables perfect navigation and advanced driving assistance. Navigation in your car even influences fuel economy by guiding you through the shortest route to your destination and make your daily commute even more manageable. So it’s no wonder that the methodology used to create and update maps is now in a dramatic state of flux.

This solution is designed for fully offline environments and mixed online/offline scenarios. The application behavior between online and offline mode does not change so there is no additional integration cost.

Your Corolla 1.8 comes with pre-installed free navigation software powered by Sygic. Activation of this software is just a phone call away! Dial 03008276082 or 03018272991 now to activate and make the most out of Urdu Maps, door to door navigation, housing address search, HD graphics with 3D landmarks, voice-guided navigation, alternate routes and multi-stop route planning, the option of city first or street first address entry, among many other features which are now just a phone call away

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Uber gets on the cricket pitch for HBL PSL 2018

Uber, the global smartphone app that seamlessly connects riders to drivers operates in more than 600 cities worldwide is set to become a partner for the upcoming HBL Pakistan Super League 2018 after partnership signing with the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). This signing marks the brand’s commitment to enter the cricket arena for further support in the third edition of the Pakistan Super League (HBL PSL) 2018. Continue reading “Uber gets on the cricket pitch for HBL PSL 2018”

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Child Helpline International and Telenor team up to help children in Pakistan stay safe online

2016. In response to this growing need for support, Child Helpline International and Telenor Group have partnered to build capacity among child helpline counsellors and are launching their first online training module on child online protection. This module is available to child helpline counsellors and volunteers around the world as of today.

New online training module launched The module will introduce child helpline counsellors and volunteers to the essentials of child online safety and digital skills, building competence of frontline support staff. It includes practical learning scenarios that child helpline counsellors encounter when talking to children about cyberbullying, inappropriate and illegal content and online sexual abuse. The module has been developed in collaboration with child helplines in Telenor markets and Child Helpline International’s Youth Advisory Council, #Youth. It is currently available in English. Continue reading “Child Helpline International and Telenor team up to help children in Pakistan stay safe online”

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HUAWEI P smart – The Perfect Smartphone for Youngsters

HUAWEI is kickstarting the New Year with a fantastic device which youngsters all over Pakistan are sure to love. The HUAWEI P smart is the perfect smartphone for young people who seek to have a vibrant and trendy lifestyle. The smartphone gives a mix of FullView display, superb photography and a smooth user experience that will make one stand out of the crowd.

Continue reading “HUAWEI P smart – The Perfect Smartphone for Youngsters”