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Best Tech Reviews | July 21, 2017

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3 Clever Ways to Ensure Safe Online Behavior – Cell Phone Parental Control |

Haroon Aejaz
3 Clever Ways to Ensure Safe Online Behavior – Cell Phone Parental Control

It is a pressing issue to keep kids safe online and in their tech use. With smartphones and other gadgets, access to the web has become very easy. Every kid uses social media, plays mobile games and online games. Unfortunately, porn is openly available at the most popular sites and kids can come across it even if they don’t have any such intentions. They are susceptible to various online risks such as sex solicitation by child predators, blackmailing, harassment, bullying and willful sexting as well.

You read the news once and you will find several incidents, where young children are lured into sharing intimate photos and videos with wrong people. Teens also consider sexting with their partner as safe, however, kids themselves admit to sharing such things with other people. There are penalties for sexting and child pornography. Kids are also developing unhealthy social standards of looking perfect for the social media.

There are different ways parents can make sure their kids don’t get involved in such troubles, whether by will or by pressure. Cell phone parental control software such as FamilyTime is best for this.

Check out how:

By monitoring their online activity

Monitor their internet surfing, texts, calling habits and the people they interact with. Keep an eye on sexting slang, anonymous chat groups, online gaming, porn sites and hateful comments. Also, see if someone is harassing your kid or your kid is trying to avoid someone. If caught early, you can talk with your kids and help them.

By blocking unsafe apps

There are many messaging apps that are used for sexting and befriending total strangers. Some are specifically designed for gossiping. Tweens also use dating apps fit for elders. Also look out for ghost apps which let kids hide stuff from others. By blocking these apps, you can minimize the chances of them getting involved in unsafe behavior and also prevent overuse of devices.

By controlling their screen time

When they use less internet and smartphones in general, there is less social networking and surfing. Hence, fewer chances of risky actions. It also helps them lead a balanced life with proper physical activity as well.

FamilyTime cell phone parental control allows you to do all this with the help of:

Mobile app blocker

Customizable and automated Screen time limits

Internet browser monitoring

Text monitoring

Contact mirroring and call logs

iTunes filtering

Not just this, but it also supports family GPS locating, Geofence alerts and safe driving.

Guarantee online protection

Online safety and monitoring are recommended by the experts. It is vital for a clean digital footprint and a healthy mental state. Take up these ways to stay connected with your kids’ digital worlds and protect them from any harms. It is always better to be precautious. Get started and score some peace of mind for you and your kids.


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